Fedora business cards, take two

Here goes the next design I came up with after all the wonderful feedback I got.

IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0603 IMG_0606

List of changes:

  1. Added “infinity | freedom | voice” to front
  2. Added “fedoraproject.org” to front
  3. Removed GPG key fingerprint
  4. Moved Fedora logo to top and inverse on blue bar
  5. Created blue bars at top and bottom
  6. Removed back

Once again: all feedback is required! Please comment :)

13 thoughts on “Fedora business cards, take two

  1. Only thing I can really think of to suggest would be moving the fedoraproject.org url to the right side, lined up with the Infinity/Freedom/Voice text. I think that’d help balance it out.

  2. I think they would look a lot better with only one bar. Two bars looks too different from the base Fedora identity. I’d kill the one on the bottom.

  3. @Máirín: The problem with having one bar is that it makes it even more difficult to make by hand, because messing up a margin by the slightest bit will cause a sliver of blue at the bottom, looking unprofessional.

  4. Ops… I commented in the wrong place, copying it here:

    I think I liked better the previous idea (with blue back side) due to its simplicity.
    But I understand having the cards printed on both faces is a) more work and b) more pricey.

  5. I would shrink the bars down a little bit. The card will feel like it opens up a bit when you have more white space in the middle. Otherwise the cards feel a bit cramped.

  6. I agree with Máirín about the two bars. What about having one blue bar at the top, but leaving a 1/4 inch white gap at the top? That should make it easier to make ‘em by hand and still pretty.

  7. Thank you for taking feedback into account. I quite like the new version. (Though maybe two bars is a bit much)

  8. I don’t know what everyone is talking about. I like the new cards and I really like the blue bars at the top and the bottom. It really frames the information inside and makes the entire card stand out.

  9. Ian, you can design the template for the cards such that it has a bleed wide enough that you don’t have to worry about cutting too far.

    Most business card templates you can buy at office max or wherever have a decent bleed for this reason.

    I do maintain that the double-bars I think stray from the Fedora identity.

    Have you tried doing a single vertical bar instead?

  10. @Máirín: I’ve been going off what could be done with templates such as these from Avery — http://qurl.org/4v

    There are no bleeds, unfortunately. I understand your concern, but if there are no bleeds, than a very thin second blue bar will appear nonetheless.

    I have thought about making the second blue bar smaller than it currently is; I’ll probably try to make some examples with all the different feedback I’ve received.

  11. @Máirín: Also, a single vertical bar on the side does not work well with an inverse Fedora logo, which I maintain should be on the card somewhere. It adds a bit of punch, instead of looking boring.

  12. Looks pretty polished to me. Personally, I like the reverse side from the first take, but I can understand the need to avoid the costs associated with double sided printing. Would you consider having separate templates for the reverse so those who want to print two sided cards can do so?

  13. @subdivisions: Yeah, I’ve considered that, but I think Fedora is going to want to decide on *one* design.

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