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I decided that we need a new business card design. Our current one just isn’t cutting it. Plus, I don’t think you need to be an ambassador to be allowed to have one.

I’ve printed a sheet off and I’ve taken pictures. Here they are:

IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0594 IMG_0591 IMG_0593 IMG_0592

I’m going to fix the templates slightly and make them available soon, along with a Python script that’ll make it even easier to make your own.

Edit: There was a concern that allowing anyone to have a Fedora business card could cause trademark dilution. I didn’t make it clear enough that by “anyone”, I meant anyone who has cla_done in FAS.

Thanks again for all the comments. :)

10 thoughts on “Fedora business cards

  1. You really do not want a coloured background. People like to write stuff on contact cards. A dark background defeats this (and is more expensive BTW)

  2. @Nicolas: I believe that there is enough room on the front. The idea is to make an impression, and I found that a white background on the opposite side does not do this as well.

    I figure that most people would be printing their own; and if not, there are many retailers online that sell purely custom business cards with full color/double side at no additional cost.

    However, I will think about adding a light-colored background to the reverse side. Thanks for your concern.

  3. Most sheets of business card paper for printing at home don’t allow both sides to be printed. Or at least not rimless.

    And why not put the Fedora logo on the front side in the top right corner? There’s enough space and someone might have more information on the card which currently isn’t possible due to the logo being in the bottom left corner.

    I’d add http://fedoraproject.org/ somewhere.

  4. @red: I actually just used some cardstock and cut them by hand. I didn’t have any handy Avery sheets handy, unfortunately. I think I’ll test on those soon.

    The reason its not in the top-right corner is because there are some people with very long names. I’ll add the URL. Thanks for the suggestion.

    @Marland: :D

  5. I would have to second the leaving the back blank for taking notes – this is how I use most business cards. Maybe a faint logomark (infinity symbol only) watermark would be okay.; but a dark blue with a full logo in the middle will make it hard to take notes on. Maybe a solid blue with no logo would work as well.

    I do like the blue stripe as a unifying element between different Fedora properties; I wonder if you couldn make a vertical stripe down the left or right? That wouldnt have the same printing issues as the horizontal stripe, would it?

    I question the utility of the full GPG fingerprint on the card. Red Hat’s cards have this as an option and I’ve only ever been made fun of for it. You only need the first block (the ID) for it to be useful so having the full fingerprint is total overkill (nobody really wants to have to type all that)

  6. @Máirín: I had major alignment issues on the front of the cards due to stripes on the edges. I don’t see how these would be solved by doing a vertical stripe… If people are making these cards themselves, it makes it very difficult to get it “right”.

    I’ll agree with the GPG fingerprint removal. I still am not sure about the back side…

  7. @Máirín: GPG fingerprint is useful for folks who are participating in a GPG keysigning party, where you’re going to need to have, essentially, business cards with this information on it when you authenticate. One cool thing I’ve seen done is to mark the last four bytes of the fingerprint (the key ID) in boldface to mark the key ID clearly and save a line on the card.

  8. But how can you prevent anyone (like someone without cla_done having a card)?
    Seeing how your card looks, I can make a copy from myself in about two minutes and that is starting from scratch.
    So I see no problem in publishing the sources and spare the “evil doers” a couple of minutes of easy work :D

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