Stupid IPv6 question

I have a router (running Fedora 18). I have various servers (running Fedora 18).

I am lazy, so all the servers are installed using a Kickstart with no network configuration (NetworkManager defaults). The only configuration I need to do by hand is adding the MAC address to /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf on the router and to the DNS zonefiles.

This week I finally got my tunnel set up. My /64 is working great with radvd. I want to use my /48 for static IP addresses for some of my machines, but I want my machines to get them dynamically so that I don’t have to add more steps to my workflow.

Here’s my dhcp6.conf:

subnet6 2001:470:e42c::/48 {

host mirror.srv {
        hardware ethernet 52:54:00:d1:83:17;
        fixed-address6 2001:470:e42c::c24e:0:74:1002;

The above isn’t working. Can this actually be done without configuring anything on my servers?

Fedora men’s college basketball bracket pool, 2013

Similar to last year, I’ll be running a pool for Fedora contributors.

If you’re interested in participating, send me an email with

  • your FAS username
  • your bracket

Make sure to pick the winners of the first four play-in games this week (the Tuesday and Wednesday games).

If you like, you can use this chooser tool to select your bracket. Not required though. Send me an email after you submit through that to confirm that it got through.

I’ll score and rank brackets after each night of games and post them on my Fedora People space.

Brackets are due Tuesday before the first game!

(And for reference, here’s last year’s pool results.)

can haz fudcon feedback

Hi all,

I’d like to know what everybody thought about FUDCon Lawrence this past weekend.

Seriously, tell me everything you want to say. Even if you weren’t there long or at all.

Email with any feedback or experiences you want to share. I will be looking at this feedback and looking for recommendations for future FUDCons.

Thanks again for a great weekend, everybody.

fedora-business-cards version 1.beta1 — testers, please!

Hey all:

I’ve finally got fedora-business-cards ready to release. I’d like some people to test it before I push it out to the world!

It has updated fonts and now lets you set the size of the card to whatever you want without having to create a completely new SVG template. It also supports bleeds of custom sizes, which a lot of business card printers prefer.

Please consider testing this if you:

  • have non-ASCII characters as part of your name
  • are planning to print a card that is not 3.5×2 inches

Even if you don’t fall under one of those categories, please test it — the more people I have testing it, the less likely I actually ship buggy code.

Fedora bracket pool

If you’re interested in taking part in a bracket pool for the big dance, send me an email with

  • your FAS account name
  • your bracket

You can send me your bracket in any readable format. Make sure you pick winners for the first four play-in games this week.

Brackets must be sent by 20:00 UTC on Tuesday, March 13 (one hour before the first play-in game).

I’ll score and rank brackets after each night of games and post them on my Fedora People space.

Want to take part but don’t have the time/knowledge to pick 67 games? Try the bracket randomizer (which you can also use to fill out your bracket even if you don’t want randomness).

Edit: I can’t read dates and times apparently. Brackets are due this Tuesday.

694 insertions, 1201 deletions, 0 visible changes

[ianweller@hovercraft fedora-business-cards]$ git diff --stat 0afed4e HEAD
 INSTALL                                      |    4 +-                                  |    2 +-
 README                                       |   15 +-
 config.ini                                   |    4 -
 fedora-business-cards.spec                   |   28 +--
 fedora_business_cards/            |   13 +-
 fedora_business_cards/              |  104 ++++++++++
 fedora_business_cards/              |   66 ------
 fedora_business_cards/          |   37 ----
 fedora_business_cards/              |  144 ++++++++-----
 fedora_business_cards/frontend/   |   26 +++
 fedora_business_cards/frontend/    |  236 +++++++++++------------
 fedora_business_cards/            |   60 ------
 fedora_business_cards/generators/ |   61 ++++++
 fedora_business_cards/generators/   |  278 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 fedora_business_cards/         |   64 ------                                  |   45 +----
 templates/back-europe.svg                    |   76 -------
 templates/back-northamerica.svg              |   75 -------
 templates/back-overnightprints.svg           |   76 -------
 templates/front-europe.svg                   |  160 ---------------
 templates/front-northamerica.svg             |  152 --------------
 templates/front-overnightprints.svg          |  152 --------------
 templates/templates.ini                      |   17 --
 24 files changed, 694 insertions(+), 1201 deletions(-)

What changed?

  • Removed the Fedora Talk number (long overdue).
  • Removed fill-in-the-blank templates and added code to generate the SVG dynamically in Python. (This now lets us support any given business card size, with any given margin for professional printing.)
  • Changed the fonts to Cantarell and Comfortaa.
  • Made the business card generation modular so that you can create a non-Fedora business card with the same code that makes dynamic sizes and conversion to CMYK and PDF somewhat easier than doing it from scratch. (Feature request by Mel Chua, who told me she will write a Beefy Miracle module to test the new modularization support.)
  • Made palette-based RGB to CMYK conversion actually sane.
  • Various fixes.

Okay, so 1 visible change. I lied :)

What’s next?

  • Potentially moving things around on the Fedora card layout
  • Possibly renaming fedora-business-cards to something more generic due to its modularization
  • Actually making a new release so that people stop accidentally printing Fedora Talk information on their cards